Boonmind is a place for learning about cognitive neuroscience, marketing, and consumer behavior. We help to mine the gold in mind, feeding you nuggets of information about the brain, behavior, and business.

We are a group of psychology lovers that seek to share the great story of the brain. By providing content on how we think, behave, and process information, we help you appreciate the beauty of the mind.

Who We Are


As a Digital Marketer and Product Designer, Aaron loves exploring the intersection between cognitive neuroscience and human behavior, knowing how we decide and understanding why we buy. With a BA in Psychology, specializing in Communication & Behavior, he loves to build persuasive products with the user in mind. By 2022, he plans to enroll in a Masters program for Psychobiology & Cognitive Neuroscience.

From undergraduate, Masters, to her current PhD, Angeliki has over 8 years of experience in neuroscience research. When she is not spending time in the lab, she is diving into further research of the brain and studying Mandarin Chinese.

A double degree holder in Psychology and Guidance & Counseling, Angelica is also a Licensed Psychometrician. Since training at the National Center for Mental Health, she has made it her life mission to spread awareness of the importance of mental health. In the coming year, she plans to enroll in a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology.

A Neuroscience researcher with experience in writing research papers and a passion for storytelling. With dual citizenship in Portugal and Spain, Mónica loves translating scientific papers across three languages; English, Spanish, and Portuguese, transforming technical papers to creative pieces via copywriting.

Science Writer

Finishing his Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) from the world’s oldest extant university in Asia, the University of Santo Tomas, Dr. Ron Cuvera has been writing evidence-based content for several years. When he’s not studying or writing, he teaches Biomedicine to incoming doctors and pharmacists.